Zaineb Fatima- Best Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Zaineb Fatima

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Master’s in Clinical Psychology


Zaineb Fatima is a dedicated, highly educated and focused Clinical Psychologist seeking to utilize extensive experience in clinical assessment and counseling, skills to meet any challenge in assisting individuals’ psychological issues and initiative intervention programs, and to assist in facing and overcoming current issues and reaching their full potential.

She has Professional experience of 4 years. And with unique understanding of Psychological behavioral issues and strong knowledge of what it takes to assist clients from social and multicultural backgrounds in overcoming their anxiety disorders, and consequent behavioral problems affecting their personal or professional situations. She has expertise in dealing with patients who have OCD anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobia’s, ADHD, Bipolar, addiction disorders, and also have strong grip on dealing with marital, sexual problems in adults. She can build trust and open up clients’ creative and innovative thought processes that will affect confidence and a positive outlook for their personal and professional future. She has done her Clinical practice under well known UK certified Doctors.

Highlights of Relevant Experience:

She can apply multiple cognitive behavioral therapies and some of the techniques of psychoanalysis, relaxation therapies, visual aids and tailored responses to individual client needs that will optimize outcomes and forge the way to personal long-term success.

She is expert in administering some of the psychological tools such as (BDI, BAI, SCID, HADS, MMPI & TAT) in order to measure the intensity of anxiety in particular individual.

She also has experience with research and evaluation that includes anxious and depress ladies with in clinical settings and also have used health interventions on reducing emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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