How to stop your child from having ADHD

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BLOGS: Steps to stop your child from having ADHD


Steps to stop your child from having ADHD

  1. Keep your child balanced:

Your child should get enough sleep, eats healthy meals on time, and has enough playtimes that will reduce his stress.

  1. Don’t always mention things:

If he didn’t comb his hair, don’t make a fun of him. If you’re always on your child about something, he will feel that he cannot do anything right and will give up.

  1. Make a schedule

Children with ADHD need guidance and directions. Make a time table for your child and ask them to follow it. Guide him from time to time, keep a check on him from time to time and don’t give him negative strokes.

  1. Set a warning and reminders

Give a warning to your child before changing his activity such as shutting off the TV and getting him ready for sleep, or stopping a game and coming in for dinner. Provide some reminders such as before 10 minute 5 minutes and 1 minute. When you achieve his desire behaviour, must appreciate and thankful to him,

  1. Stay calm.

If your child is acting awkward in a public place, stay calm and stop them politely. Act normal, don’t shout. Your normal behaviour will help him to get calm.

  1. Develop more understanding

If you see that your child is getting upset, ask what’s wrong. Show them that you can understand him exactly. Repeat his phrases as well. Children can find it reassuring that someone understands their concern. Be his strength.

  1. Deep breaths and relaxation

Deep breathing can be relaxing and help to reduce the stress. Put on some calming music and ask your child to take deep breaths, try to give him a relaxing atmosphere.

If you try these tips and still find that your child is having frequent explosions, seek professional help. Don’t wait until the situation is unbearable to deal with it.



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