Eman Awad

Eman Awad

Eman Awad

Clinical psychologist, Counselor and Psychotherapist (Child, Adolescents and Adults)

Education: MS in Clinical Psychology – Bahria University, Islamabad

Eman Awad is a Clinical psychologist having more than 5 years of experience with adults, adolescents and children. She utilizes the techniques of different therapies (CBT, ABA and play therapy) depending on the problem at hand. She has skills in Counseling and dealing with emotional, psychological and relational problems.

She provides therapy after conducting thorough psychological assessment.

She has certifications of Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy and Eidetic Therapy. Furthermore, she has the experience of teaching and handling of students as well.

She has a prior five years experience at different hospitals and clinics such as NESCOM, BBH, Wellbeing center Bahria University and KKH in which she dealt with multiple cases of Depression, Anxiety, Borderline personality, Panic Attacks, Sleep issues/ insomnia, Eating, Addiction, Sexual, Relationship issues, and behavioral issues of children with ADHD/ Autism & ODD by collaboratively working with the clients and educating the Caregivers/ Guardian/ Parents.