Duaa Fatimah

Duaa Fatima

Behavioral Therapist

Duaa Fatima is a Behavioral Therapist. She has a professional experience of 3 years. She has skills in Counseling, Diagnosing, Conceptualizing and providing Treatment to people with multiple emotional and psychological issues.
She has conducted a thorough psychological assessment with clients, for diagnosing and providing therapy to them. She has certifications in applied behavioral analysis (ABA). She has been a speaker on multiple platforms, speaking on issues such as the importance of mental health, learning disabilities and Neurodevelopment disorders. Her special areas of expertise are Child Psychology, Neurodevelopment disorders like Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, intellectual deficit disorder conduct disorder, ODD and behavioral problems treatment to children and adolescents.
Duaa Fatima is having a good command of neuropsychological assortments using specific psychological tools for required disorders such as CARS, CORNER’S, SPM, CPM, RISB, HTP, BGT and planning the treatment plans using the interventions such as Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).