Dr.Neha Naveed Mughal


Dr.Neha Naveed Mughal is a Medical Specialist having adequate professional experience. She has completed her MBBS from Frontier Medical College under Bahria university. She is a Registered Medical Practitioner from Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). She has worked in well reputed public sector hospitals of Muzaffarabad i.e SKBZ CMH MZD and Abbas Institue Of Medicine. She’s chosen Internal Medicine for her post graduation (FCPS). In the past years, she has become a highly trained to provides a range of non-surgical health care facility to adults and children. She has vast experience in handling difficult, serious, and unusual medical problems. She handles emergency situations very professionally and knows how to give appropriate and prompt response. She always pays attention to each aspect of the disease while taking care of the patients until these problems get resolved or stabilized.
She has experience in managing a large diversity of complex medical illnesses in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. She is looking after patients struggling with Diseases of skin, Diabetes, hypertension, acid peptic disease, chronic kidney disease, renal failure, chronic liver diseases, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, chronic obstructive disease, asthma, pneumonia, pain management and other basic ailments.
She also has adequate experience in managing pediatric issues
Further, she has good communication and interpersonal skills and really enjoys the interactions with patients, and always looks forward to providing best medical care. She listens closely to patients and sets specific recovery plans for each condition while keeping all other constraints and factors in mind and knows how to modify the treatment plans according to each patient’s condition.
She is keen on learning about new research and advancement in the medical field to stay updated. She has participated in international scientific conferences and has been a part of various research projects.
She also has participated in a workshop on “Basic cardiac Life Support”. and “ Basic surgical skills”
She also has participated in a workshop on “Covid-19 disease and ICU management of Covid-19patients.”
Outside of medicine, she is a lively person and enjoys spending time on reading and listening to music. Apart from that she also enjoys trying new restaurants and being outdoors with family and friends.