Attachment Based Parenting Solutions

Attachment Based Parenting Solutions

Our Child Psychologists are trained in parenting strategies that incorporate improving relationships between parent and child as the basis for change. These strategies are often based on increasing parental awareness, mindfulness and playfulness while also assisting children in decreasing defensive, angry and defiant behavior and turning the parent/child relationship into a more loving and nurturing partnership. It is our collective belief and training that typical ‘behavior modification’ strategies which do not incorporate and focus on the parent/child relationship are not as effective as those which place a focus on strengthening the relationships between family members and healing relational conflicts while ‘resetting’ the parenting relationship.


Our staff is trained in the following attachment focused parenting strategies:

  • Child Parent Relationship Training/Filial Therapy
  • Trust Based Relational Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Art Therapy


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