Amara Khalid

Adult Psychologist in Islamabad
Amara Khalid
Clinical Psychologist, Counselor & Psychotherapist (Child, Adolescents & Adults)

Masters in Clinical Psychology – National University of Sciences and Technology Islamabad

Amara Khalid is a Clinical Psychologist, Counselor & Psychotherapist (Child, Adolescents & Adult Psychologist). She has a professional experience of more than 3 years. She has skills in Counseling, Diagnosing, Conceptualizing and providing Treatment to people with multiple emotional, intra-and-inter personal and psychological issues.

She has conducted thorough psychological assessment with clients, for diagnosing and providing therapy to them.

She has certifications in Phenomenology in Psychiatry and Community based participatory research by Dr Bruce Friedman. She has been a speaker on multiple platforms, speaking on issues such as importance of mental health, child sexual abuse etc.

Amara Khalid uses a Client Centered Approach. She also uses a combination of interventions such as CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and Solution Focused Therapy. She is a specialist who has worked with variety of patient including Adolescents, Adults, and Children (as well as proving support to the families of affected individuals).

She has dealt with multiple cases of disorders like Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Phobia, Low self-esteem, Trauma, Abuse, and Autism, Learning disorders, Career and/or Educational Counseling, OCD, Personality disorders, Marital Issues, Relationship Issues, and other ADHD, mental disorders.

In collaboration with the clients she develops and implements a course of treatment especially for each client by evaluating goals, mental health, and practical conditions. Keeping in mind the person needs strengths and motivation.


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